What Every Christian Should Know About Halloween

I saw a great article on the Internet about Halloween. One of the main take aways from it is that Halloween is fear based, not faith based. We must be careful what we are exposing our kids and selves to. Read this article and post your thoughts below.


My thought on Halloween? I give the devil no “day.” All days created belong to God. Halloween is a day to come together and have family events like carving pumpkins, making pumpkin bars/pies, passing out candy to little kids who love to eat it …(and some big ones), and letting the kids dress up in their favorite cartoon character or biblical character and get candy from the church and others whom we know.

There’s no doubt that Halloween bears a satanic side and ritual. However, Satan is at work every day not just October 31st. If you let Satan creep in, he’ll have you in spirits and fear any day of the year. I take every day and opportunity to bring forth the things of God and the blessings of his fruit like together time with family, joyous occasions and fellowship. None of which, are despised of God.

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